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Crampfix Superwarm

Merk:Fjord Minerals

Crampfix Superwarm 60g

CRAMPFIX SUPERWARM is a further development of CRAMPFIX and was developed for the heat during the World Cycling Championships in Qatar and the Olympics in Rio. At high temperatures (above 20 degrees Celsius) it is common for the composition of minerals in sweat to change. CRAMPFIX SUPERWARM is therefore fortified with more marine sodium. It otherwise contains the same minerals as in the original CRAMPFIX. CRAMPFIX SUPERWARM is also particularly suitable for indoor training / competition where sweating / fluid loss is often higher than outdoors and for people who sweat a lot.

Ingredients: Sodium, natural magnesium from seawater(Magnesium Hydroxide), mineralized seaweed (Lithothamnion sp.)/ Potassium Carbonate and Magnesium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Chloride, Tricalciumphosfate

Day before competition: Drink 1-2 measuring spoon (1-2g) mixed in liquid or in food.
Competition day: Drink 1-2 measuring spoon (1-2g) 2-3 hours before starting.
1 measuring spoon (1g) per hour through competition / training. Mix with sports drink or water.
After training / competition: 1-2 measuring spoon

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